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Stanstead Est
& Barnston West circuit

Meeting a vast field of cultures

Experience the irresistible English charm of cozy villages with their abundant gardens, thriving agriculture and breathtaking countrysides. From a riverbank or under the shade of a hundred-year-old tree, you’ll have a chance to learn about the deep roots of our history … and our many cultures.
26 attractions over 110 km

Coaticook Circuit

Bridging town and country

Coaticook is a town known for its heritage, culture and natural beauty. Discover Victorian houses with their exquisite gingerbread trim and cross the world’s longest suspended footbridge above a spectacular gorge, dubbed «the Townships’ top tourist feature in 2012.» Set out on an unforgettable journey and take advantage of the many vacation sites in this proud and historic area !
48 attractions over 110 km

& WATERVILLE circuit

Meandering through a fertile valley

Travel across majestic valleys on country roads bordering the three rivers that weave their way through the landscape. Along the way, you’ll discover the area’s wealth of farmland and built heritage as well as agri-businesses that will delight your imagination and your taste buds. Enjoy the ride, and don’t forget to bring that cooler !
44 attractions over 85 km

& Sainte-Edwidge circuit

Waterfalls and treasures

Prepare for a change of scenery as you discover quiet pastoral villages and glorious expanses of countryside. Be sure to stop and listen to the singing of birds and take in the area’s natural wilderness and cultivated land ! You’ll also learn about a local mill and a heritage church, along with a host of other little-known historical gems  !
18 attractions over 75 km

& Dixville circuit

Lakes and steeples

Admire landscapes stretching out as far as the eye can see, punctuated with lakes, wildlife marshes, four village churches, and the Coaticook region’s tallest summit. You’ll love the many scenic views on this trip !
36 attractions over 105 km

Saint-Malo, Saint-Venant & East Hereford circuit

Mountains and Poetry

Take a moment to slow down and tune into the poetry of the landscape. A cascade of flowers, beautifully chosen texts, and touching historical encounters awaits you. Visit one of the highest villages in Quebec and marvel at the expansive fir plantations stretching out to the horizon. A moving experience !
32 attractions over 100 km

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time of year

The ideal time to make your trip is from May to November, but most roads are open year round. Our countrysides are gorgeous in winter! Some attractions can be difficult to reach during the winter season, but rain or shine, you’re sure to have a great outing!

the CIRCUITS form a loop

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