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Martinville, Sainte-Edwidge, Saint-Herménégilde and Dixville circuit

50 km – 8 cemeteries to discover!

This circuit has you weave your way through our lovely village landscape from north to south with different vistas and historic cemeteries to visit along the way.
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Compton and Waterville circuit

45 km – 13 cemeteries to discover!

This circuit turns the spotlight on a number of proud builders-families who built mills and factories or cleared expansive agricultural lands. On the circuit, visitors will also find a plaque commemorating a former prime minister of Canada, Louis S. St-Laurent. The grave markers here indicate the presence of several religious denominations, accompanied by a multitude of sculptures.

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Coaticook circuit

42 km – 10 cemeteries to discover !

Without a doubt, this is the most user-friendly circuit to do, since it includes an audio guide that tells you all about the history of the 10 cemeteries along the way. We suggest that you check it out online.

Stanstead est and Barnston west circuit

90 km – 15 cemeteries to discover!

This circuit has the largest number of cemeteries to visit, and they’re all worthwhile and feature breathtaking scenic views. Most of these cemeteries are Protestant. Explore a world of British-inspired landscaping and funerary symbols including tombs, tree trunks and the low granite walls that delineate certain family plots.
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Cimetière à Saint-Herménégilde

Saint-Malo, Saint-Venant, East Hereford
and St-Herménégilde circuit

35 km – 7 cemeteries to discover!

This tour will take you to the highest elevations in the region, with cemeteries that practically touch the sky ! On your tour, you can hike the poetic trail of St-Venant-de-Paquette, a walking path surrounded by perennials and with a beautiful gazebo where you can stop and rest for a moment.
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