The Pioneer Trail
The Pioneer Trail

The Pioneer Trail at Barnston-Ouest (Kingscroft) Cécile Dessaint-Veilleux


Like numerous women of her time, this tireless pioneer who lived to the age of 96 would say that a little hard work won’t kill you! This legacy seems to have been passed down, as her family’s descendants have numbered 11 children, 36 grandchildren, 79 great-grandchildren, and 26 great-great grandchildren. Mrs. Veilleux had an unusual life. The daughter of a Swedish mother who arrived in Ayer’s Cliff at 18 and a father belonging to a family from Beauce, she only learned French in grade school. Unlike other children in her day, she was baptized in her early teen years and, together with her sisters, she attended her parents’ Catholic wedding two years later.

GPS : 45.143284 N, -71.966401 O
ADDRESS : In front of the Catholic Church, 3035 Kingscroft Road, Barnston West

The voices of yesteryear at the heart of our landscapes


Meet Mrs. Veilleux under the trees bordering the grounds of the Barnston West Catholic Church at 3035 Chemin Kingscroft. This quiet nook is a great vantage point from which to admire the wide-open countryside and nearby mountains. The spot is surrounded by thriving farms: a Hereford breeding farm run by Mrs. Veilleux’s son at the corner of Chemins Kingscroft and Frappier, and the Santschi miniature horse breeding farm at 2847 Rue Kingscroft. A monument near the church square relates the history of this place of worship, which has been preserved thanks to the many efforts of local citizens. Take the time to walk along Chemin Corey, which used to feature a small schoolhouse. For more information on the village of Kingscroft, as well as Barnston West and its dynamic cultural committee, visit

Mrs. Veilleux’s location is less than one kilometre from the Townships Trail that crosses over Route 141 (junction of Chemin Holmes). It’s worth the detour!

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